Halau Hula Ka Lei Mokihana I Ka Ua Noe

"The lei mokihana in the misty rain"

Help us support local small businesses in response to COVID-19

Aloha ohana and friends,

During this current pandemic, we want to support local businesses however we can. Please visit our Support Local Small Business page to see how you can help!

And if you have a small business and are offering delivery and/or take out for your establishment please email [email protected] and send us your social media pages, websites and business phone number. This is not just for food, but for any other small business that you have that can help our community at this time. We're also feeling the strain of this but we would like to feature all your small businesses on our website and our social media platforms. We must come together as a lāhui (community) to get through these trying times.

Please take care of yourself and ohana. This too shall pass and we will get through this together.
Mahalo and Malama Pono!


Under the direction of Kumu Hula Mokihana Melendez

What we learn in hula we apply to life, including our love and respect for others as well as ourselves. We are there for guidance, advice, support and comfort - not only in hula, but also in everyday life. Expression of our innermost feelings is a key factor for us. Hula is an outlet for us to show others how we feel. The most important thing that we have gained through our hula is the understanding that hula will always be there for us, no matter where our lives take us. We may not live in Hawai`i, and some of us are not even ethnically Hawaiian, but what makes us Hawaiian is the aloha that we have in our hearts and minds for the land, the people, the culture and most of all... each other.